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Glorious republic radio

Advertising with Glorious Republic Radio offers exclusivity and innovation at an unbeatable price.

Glorious Republic isn't just a radio station. Each of our shows attracts a community of dedicated listeners with specific interests and habits. So why not say hello to them?

Rather than ruin our station or podcasts by peppering them with recorded adverts, we work closely with selected partners who sponsor our shows, usually on an exclusive basis. Our presenters get to talk about something their audience will love (that would be you), and you get to spark a lasting conversation about your product. It's a win win.

We're careful to match the perfect sponsors to each of our presenters in order to build a lasting relationship. We think it's better that way. If you think you could be a match, drop us an email and we'll be back in touch shortly.

Native advertising

Audiences hate radio adverts. Let's be honest, who wants to hear jingles about used cars? Especially half a dozen times an hour. It's much more effective to have a conversation with the audience; and what better way to do that than through the presenter they've come to listen to? 


Tired of competing with cat worming tablets and pantomimes trying to squeeze your message into the 07:55 ad slot? Imagine having all that space to yourself, AND on listen again! 

When you sponsor our shows, you'll normally be the only one.

Lasting relationships

Our presenters have built a lifelong passion for their record collections, and we'd rather do the same with you! We bring on sponsors for longer advertising campaigns to help build a lasting impression. And since most of our audience are using our listen again feature, you'll not only be getting the message across loud and clear, it'll have a lasting impact measured in weeks and months as well. 

Brand Association

Being a music ​fan is a lifestyle. Make your brand or product an essential part of it by joining the fabric of our specialist music shows.

Commissioned specials

Looking for something really special? Get in touch about commissioning a show with us - we can create an entire one-off special or regular show around your brand, product or event.

It all adds up to great value.

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