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Glorious republic radio

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Glorious Republic Radio was a specialist music and speech station and still is a podcast network run by passionate experts for the benefit of you, the listening public.

From live music to obscure hip-hop via scientific thesis through the medium of stand-up comedy, you'll always hear something new.

Want to get in touch? Contact us via our form. 

Glorious republic broadcasting

Glorious Republic Broadcasting Ltd is the company behind Glorious Republic Radio. We're an audio production house based in Manchester, UK. We create and commission music & speech audio content, and broadcast it across a range of podcatchers and internet audio services.

With a background in creating digital video and radio broadcasting, we've bought together a small but passionate team of creators, musicians, presenters and commissioners. 


Have an idea for a podcast and would like help on making it a reality? Get in touch with us now via our contact form, or get in touch on our social media channels. 

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